Are Blue Light Glasses Worth All of the Hype?

Depends on what you read and who you’re talking to

It’s about 50/50 – but we’re here to give you our take. 

At diet and health, we’re all about blue light glasses. Not only do our eyes feel less strained after a day of wearing them vs NOT wearing them (we’ve tested this) but because the science behind it makes perfect sense. 

Blue light is not natural. Before computers and artificial light, we got our light from the sun. Once televisions, computers, cell phones, tablets, and other blue light-emitting devices were introduced, along with LED light bulbs and more, we got to a point where we could not escape blue light. 

That’s when blue light glasses came along

The point of blue light glasses to block the dangerous light that is all around us. Blue light strains our eyes, dries them out, and irritates them due to its unnatural nature. It’s also known to throw off our sleep, because it messes with our internal clock. 

Other than avoiding blue light before bed (by staying off of our phones and reading a book instead of watching TV), we know that everything we do involves the dangerous light, making it impossible to avoid altogether.

So, using blue light glasses helps us regulate our blue light intake as much as possible.

But do they work?

Through personal experience, we sure think so. As people who spend their entire workday on their macbooks, we know the toll blue light can take. 

So, we gave a pair of blue light glasses to every diet and health employee, and saw the results speak for themselves. 

Sleep was better, eyes were less strained, employees saw reduced headaches, and more. Truthfully, they were more powerful than we ever could have imagined.

Critics believe that not enough studies have been done to make these claims, which is why we figured it would be easiest to speak about our personal experience. 

If you are struggling with eye strain, this is a great option for you. There are tons of brands and styles available that all do the same thing – they’re inexpensive, and in our case, effective. 

We think blue light glasses ARE worth the hype, but you’ll have to try them for yourself!