Eat THIS After a Workout!

How much thought have you given your post-workout meals?

Probably not as much as your pre-workout meals, which is normal. BUT, it’s important to note that what you put into your body after your workout is just as important as what you put into your body before your workout! 

Why is it just as important?

Well, while you work out your body uses glycogen for fuel, leaving you depleted following your physical activity. A healthy, nutritious meal following your workout helps regrow the muscle proteins that were just broken down and damaged, while restoring glycogen. 

What should you consume following your workout? We’re going to dive into how fats, carbs, and protein impact your body during the post-workout process, so you can make the best decision for yourself and hit your goals!


Having some fat in your post-workout meal won’t negatively impact your results, but honestly, it won’t do much for your body either. 

A lot of people avoid consuming fat in their post-workout meals due to the fact that it slows down the overall absorption of the nutrients. BUT, studies have shown that high-fat meals following a workout do not impact muscle glycogen synthesis.

Ultimately, the benefits and negative impacts of fatty food post-workout are both minimal. Whether or not you consume them is up to you!


The glycogen stores that were used as fuel during your workout can help be replenished with carbs. If you’re someone who works out regularly, eating plenty of carbs to restore glycogen levels is incredibly important.

Some activities, such as cardio-focused workouts, use more glycogen – which means you’ll need more carbs than someone who lifts to fuel your body. 

Ultimately, consuming carbs post-workout maximizes glycogen synthesis, which is good for your body and your goals! 


Simply put, protein helps repair your muscles. As we mentioned before, working out breaks down muscle proteins. Giving your body the protein it craves following a workout allows your body to repair itself.

It also helps build new muscle, which is probably a huge reason you’re working out. 

Ultimately, consuming protein following your workout maximizes your muscle recovery and growth!

Think about your goals – and how you can implement the above to give your body the nutrients it needs to maximize your results.

Take care of your body, and don’t skimp on your post-workout meal!