Find The Best Diet For You!

Let’s address the biggest hurdle with diet and weight loss.

With fast food, delivery services, and dollar menus, it often seems more convenient and cost-effective to order something less healthy. 

But, most of us would like to lose a few pounds (or more) and oftentimes, adjusting our diet is the first step. So, how do you find a weight loss diet that’s both effective and healthy?

A quick google search will populate thousands of diets and results, and selecting the right one for your lifestyle can seem daunting. When it comes down to it, it’s all about whether or not it’s maintainable.

“It doesn’t matter how scientifically sound the program is (and many are not), how fast they work (you will regain as fast as you lost), or even how many people have tried it before. What matters is whether you can do what they say forever — not whether you should, but whether you can.” says Michelle May, MD, author of Am I Hungry? What to Do When Diets Don’t Work.

Here’s how to skip the yo-yo syndrome and find a diet that works for you, long-term:

Search for a diet that allows you to eat your favorite foods

Do you love cheese and chocolate? First off, who doesn’t?! But if you make a massive lifestyle change and select a vegan, plant-based diet, you won’t have the opportunity to consume traditional cheese OR chocolate. If you’re willing to make the sacrifice, great! If not, maybe veganism isn’t the right choice for you.

If you’re forced to completely cut out your favorite meals or snacks, it might actually trigger cravings or binges. If you can find a diet that allows you to consume at least some of your favorites, in moderation, you’ll be able to find more success. 

Find a diet that matches your current eating style

There are a few key factors that you need to determine as soon as possible, to help you select a diet that makes the most sense for you. 

If you select a diet that suggests snacking all day long, but you currently eat two meals a day, it might not fit in with your life, and you could abandon it quickly. Additionally, if you don’t have a lot of time to meal prep, but a diet suggests spending long time periods in the kitchen, it definitely won’t match your current lifestyle.

Determine what you’re willing to spend, the time investment you’re willing to make, and make a realistic, rational decision when diet-hunting.

Select a diet that makes sense based on your activity-levels

Are you a regular gym-goer? Do you take lunch walks? Are you not-so-active? You know yourself better than anyone, and determining your level of activity is essential when selecting a diet that will work for you, long-term! 

It’s all about calories in, calories out, so if you’re burning more calories, you need to consume more (to help fuel your workouts). If you’re burning less calories throughout the day, you need to consume less calories to see weight loss.

So take a step back and determine what you currently do for activity, or what you’re willing to do during your diet, to help you make your final decision.

We want to see you succeed! Take care of yourself, and make sure you’re consuming a healthy amount of calories per day. Do some research on what diets are out there, and make sure you make a realistic decision for yourself – because fad diets are never the answer!